Audiometers are essential tools for hearing assessment tests. They provide reliable, accurate readings of the patient’s hearing levels at different frequencies, helping to diagnose a wide range of conditions. Audiometers come in digital or analog designs for you to choose the best device for your needs. With advanced features like noise-cancelling capabilities, audiometer technology is now an invaluable part of many audiology practices around the world.

  • Tremetrics Ra660 Audiometer With E3 Occupational 3

    Tremetrics RA660 Audiometer

  • Tremetrics Ra360 Audiometer With E3 Occupational 4

    Tremetrics RA360 Audiometer

  • Tremetrics Oscar 6 Audiometer With E3 Occupational 5

    Tremetrics OSCAR 6 Audiometer

  • Tremetrics Audiocups With E3 Occupational 6

    Tremetrics Audiocups

  • Benson Medical Ccf-200 With E3 Occupational 7

    Benson Medical CCF-200

  • Benson Medical Cca-200 Mini With E3 Occupational 8

    Benson Medical CCA-200 Mini

  • Smart Diagnostics D-Check With E3 Occupational 9

    Smart Diagnostics D-Check

  • Benson Medical Bas-200 With E3 Occupational 10

    Benson Medical BAS-200

  • Smart Diagnostic Devices Smart Tone With E3 Occupational 11

    Smart Diagnostic Devices SMART TONE