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e3 Occupational Health Solutions is the only national, full service equipment distributor.

We are dedicated to providing and servicing equipment for safety and compliance in hearing screening, vision screening, pulmonary function, breath alcohol and more.

Through our network of local offices, we make it possible to consistently execute your program across each of your locations.

e3 Occupational Health Supports Your Entire Program

Equipment Provider

e3 Diagnostics has been the leading provider of audiology equipment in the United States for 30 years.

Training & Certifications

Training your team and testers has never been easier with local instructors available nationwide.

Records Management

As a top provider for hearing health, we have created specialized programs for managing and storing testing data.

Calibration & Repairs

Inevitably, you equipment will need a calibration to maintain OSHA standards and our local techs are standing by.

About e3 Diagnostics

e3 Diagnostics is a nationwide team of experts with years of experience in occupational health equipment sales and service. With over 30 offices strategically located across the United States, we bring a local expertise that is unmatched by any others in the field of occupational health instrumentation.

Our team consists of technicians who are certified by their respective manufacturers to provide you with high-end technical support for all your equipment needs. We also have a pool of engineers on staff who can help design custom solutions for your unique requirements.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers have access to the best products available at competitive prices, while providing them with exceptional support services.

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Training your team and testers has never been easier with local instructors available nationwide.

Occupational Health training is one of the most important aspects of occupational health and safety management, as it ensures that workers receive the information they need to be safe at work.

Our Occupational Health Training & Certifications such as the NIOSH Spirometry Certification, will teach participants how to create a culture of safety within their organization, following governmental guidelines, as well as how to select and manage employees in order to ensure that hazards are identified and mitigated before they become an issue.

Audiometric Testing Equipment

Vision Screening Equipment

Comprehensive EMR Software

Local Occupational Health Program Training

Repairs, Calibrations, & Testing Supplies

Occupational Health Equipment

We’re the leading provider of high-quality occupational health tools. We sell personal protective equipment and the tools to text it, like audiometers, spirometers, dosimeters, and other occupational health devices.

Occupational Health Supplies & Management

In addition to the PPE and other testing tools, we have a wide range of equipment and health supplies.

e3 diagnostics is your number one stop when it comes to occupational safety supplies and equipment.

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