CCA-100 Mini Product Specifics:

Audiometer Functionality

  • With the CCA-100mini, experience the pinnacle of testing simplicity—just hit “Start” and let the device lead the way.
  • Its user-friendly interface, tailored for Windows®, empowers you to manage one or two audiometers directly from your computer.
  • Offers automated guidance via headset in 21 languages.
  • Identifies a broad range of errors ensuring trustworthy outcomes.
  • Displays real-time audiogram visuals during tests.
  • Generates dependable audiograms within 3-6 minutes.
  • The “Mark For Retest” feature minimizes manual evaluations.
  • Grants comprehensive manual oversight.

Gathering Subject Information

  • The CCA-100mini comes equipped with a feature for storing subject data and can generate detailed reports directly from your PC’s printer, offering a more convenient alternative to traditional strip prints.
  • Memory capacity for 300 audiograms.
  • Utilizing a computer keyboard removes the hassle of inputting data on touch-sensitive pads.
  • Its versatile software supports simultaneous testing, data input, and report generation.
  • Seamlessly connects with Benson Cloud Services.

Adherence to OSHA Standards

  • The CCA-100mini is crafted keeping OSHA guidelines at the forefront, simplifying your tasks.
  • Gathers all demographic details as mandated by OSHA.
  • Computes STS and OSHA recordable hearing deficits, with an option for age-related adjustments (presbycusis).
  • Syncs effortlessly with the BAS-200 simulator for daily calibration checks or
  • The BAS-200slm device to monitor ambient sound levels.
  • Surpasses the ANSI S3.6 benchmarks for audiometers.

Documentation Insights

  • The CCA-100mini efficiently generates comprehensive reports, offering a more user-friendly alternative to strip prints.
  • Overview of Subject Averages and Impairments.
  • Individual Test Reports.
  • Comprehensive Company Listings.
  • STS Analysis for Individual Tests.
  • Detailed Subject Overview.

Enhanced Database Control

The Enhanced Package lifts the restrictions on the count of subjects and tests, amplifies report generation capabilities, and offers infinite storage for multiple companies. Efficiently oversee numerous hearing conservation initiatives with this package. Sample reports and detailed descriptions are accessible upon inquiry.

  • Notification for Subjects
  • STS Compilation for Companies
  • Recordable/Reportable Shifts Overview
  • Early Warning Shifts Compilation
  • Company Overview
  • Testing Timetable for Companies
  • Medical Referral Compilation for Companies
  • Subject’s Past Records
  • Subject’s Past Questionnaire
  • Audiogram Compilation for Companies
  • Exception Log for Companies
  • Retest Compilation for Companies
  • Line Out List for Recordable Shifts
  • STS Exception Log for Companies
  • Baseline Adjustment Log for Companies
  • Comprehensive Company Directory

Features of the Enhanced Package

  • Infinite company storage
  • Automated baseline adjustments (NHCA 2000 standard)
  • Expert mode for analyzing recordable hearing deficits
  • Personalizable alert letters and past hearing questionnaires in 21 dialects
  • Advanced report search capabilities and Assisted Search Tool
  • Calibration logs with daily reports
  • Adjustable subject ID configurations
  • Broad custom data fields and commentary sections for versatile data storage
  • Pre-set lists and default fields to minimize manual input
  • Data accuracy checks for precise data input
  • Configurable data import/export functions
  • Auto-printing of multiple reports post-testing
  • Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 for enhanced oversight and safety
  • Robust Data Sync tools for data consistency across sites
  • “Consolidate Company” function to tackle challenges when amalgamating multiple companies or test locations
  • Supports SQL Server® and Windows® authentication for HIPAA security compliance.