INTEGRAfit for iPad is a professional quantitative fit-testing program for any brand of hearing protection (HPD)

Workers in many industries are exposed to noise throughout the workday. Regulations and best practices require the use of hearing protection for those exposed to higher levels of noise during a typical 8-hour workday. While the wearing of hearing protection is mandated for high levels of noise exposure, the actual attenuation (noise reduction) achieved varies widely from individual to individual. Hearing protection compliance is difficult and is mainly limited to visual observation. In addition, training on the proper fitting and selection of hearing protection devices is time consuming and subjective. INTEGRAfit for iPad offers a fast, easy and cost effective method of determining the best hearing protection device to use for an individual.

Achieving adequate hearing protection is not simple. It depends upon:

  • The proper fit and comfort of the HPD
  • How you train the employee to properly use HPDs
  • Observing consistent and proper use of the HPDs by the employee

INTEGRAfit is a hardware/software solution for the measurement of noise reduction as the worker actually wears his or her hearing protection devices:

  • No more guessing -— measure it!
  • Light and portable
  • No hearing booth is required
  • Quick setup, with no bulky computer equipment or communication cables
  • Designed and calibrated to be used with a special set of headphones (sold separately)
  • No more reliance on NRR ratings which can be grossly inaccurate for any one individual
  • Takes less than 3 minutes
  • Powerful tool to train workers how to correctly use hearing protection
  • Data could be useful in work-related determinations
  • The best leading indicator of HCP effectiveness
  • Individual and group reports
  • Works with any brand of earplug on the market, including custom plugs
  • Data collected from INTEGRAfit for iPad can be imported into the Workplace Applications software suite
  • Includes compliance and training modes
  • HPD Fit Testing has been endorsed through Best Practice Statements by the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) and OSHA

** Please note. INTEGRAfit for iPad requires the additional use of a calibrated headset. This headset is sold exclusively through Workplace Integra.


INTEGRAfit Windows software.

  • Data can be imported from iPad.
  • Comes with INTEGRAFIT Pro

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