• Isolated acoustic floor
  • Sealed 32” clear opening acoustic door with camlift hinges
  • Double glazed, laminated, acoustical, safety glass, 24” (wide) by 18” (high) observation window in door
  • Test position divider curtains
  • Padded seat for each test position
  • Carpeting with cove base trim
  • Incandescent lighting with wall switch
  • Electrical service via a 12’ grounded power cord
  • Acoustically engineered ventilation system, mounted external to wall or roof panels.
  • Jack panel at each test position for left and right earphones, patient response switch corresponding to master panel


Acoustic Systems’ Group Test Booths are capable of testing from two to ten people simultaneously and are available in either single or double wall configurations.

Single wall booths come in five standard models and unlimited customized sizes. They provide impressive isolation utilizing 4” wall construction.

Double wall booths provide increased isolation when ambient conditions prohibit a single wall configuration to meet ANSI specifications. Double wall booths also provide additional acoustic control to isolate patients from waiting room noise.